CM - Amber Jar Candle Mockup Set 2405116


PSD | 1.7 GB ZIP
  • files works only in Photoshop (min. PS CS6);
  • pack includes 5 .psd files with 5 different views, file specs: 4000x4000 px 300dpi;
  • changeable design on label (via smart objects);
  • glossy and matte label;
  • selective foil stamp;
  • label available in every size and shape;
  • custom color of metallic and powder coated cap;
  • backgrounds: custom color, neutral and white (check preview);
  • detailed 3D model;
  • Amazon ready: white background is always included;
  • well organized layers as in all of other Creatsy mockups.
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CM - Seashells and lace cards mock up 2401625


PSD | 361 MB ZIP
Seashells and lace greeting cards mockup template bundle
This purchase includes 10 high resolution digital mockup file in PSD format for you to add your custom design. Open with Adobe Photoshop. Includes a JPG as well.
Styled stationery stock photo [ 10 PSD and 10 JPG files - 300 DPI - 3861 x 2574 pixels ] Smart object stationery greeting card size [ 5" x 7" or 127 х 178 mm ]
PSD file is layered with a background image and a smart object layer to insert your design. This isn't a scene creator, so you can't move the items or change a background. But it'll save your time offering you a great scene already. The original file doesn't have the watermark.
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CM - Turkish delight 2404715


All images 300 dpi, RGB colour, .psd isolated on transparent background and .jpg file for each. In compositions all elements are in separate layers so you can change their location.
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CM - The Pink Floral Styled Frame Bundle 2387808


Imperium Nordique is proud to present our line of styled mockups with a touch of Scandinavian? minimalism and love of greenery. Showcase your beautiful designs on this beautiful and easy to use mockup. This mockup was created with the entrepreneurial? woman in mind, whether she is a designer, blogger, photographer, Calligrapher etc.? The photos are styled with quality paper, fresh florals, and will perfectly showcase your beautiful designs.??? With these 5 mockups? you can display your designs in a true Scandinavian? look.
What you get
  • 3 frame mockups? for a 21x30 cm (8x12") frame, 2 portrait and 1 landscape, Each one a PSD? file with flat background? jpeg and Smart Object layers for you to easily insert your work.
  • 2 frame mockups? for a 13x18 cm (5x7") frame, each one a PSD? file with flat background? jpeg and Smart Object layer for you to easily insert your work.
About the mockups
  • The photographs can also be edited to suit your needs. You can add a filter, convert them to black and white, and even crop them.
  • To use the PSD mockup? files Photoshop is necessary. If you aren't a photoshop user there is .jpeg file with each mockup.
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CM - Pocket Dress Mockup 2 2404753


PSD | 282 MB ZIP
This beautiful handmade dress mockup is equipped with Photoshop's Smart Object feature, allowing you to easily add your art with only a few clicks. Two areas of the dress are customizable so you can mix and match your stunning designs: dress and pockets. A high resolution file: 4800x7200 px, 300 dpi.
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CM - Curtains & Bedding Set 2396012


PSD | 282 MB ZIP
Curtains & Bedding Mockup Pack
This Curtains & Bedding Mockup Pack allows you to quickly display your designs and layouts into a digital photo realistic showcase.
This pack contains:
  • 3 PSD files (Photoshop CS4)
  • 3 Displacement maps (Photoshop CS4) for professional warping of your designs
  • 3 JPG files
This is a list of all features inside this project mockup :
  • Easy editable with smart objects
  • 3 PSD Files
  • 3 Displacement Maps
  • 3 JPG Files
  • Resolution 3800 x 3000 pixels per mockup
  • Perfectly isolated shadows, objects and backgrounds
  • Changeable colors of some elements within 1 click.
  • Help File Included
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CM - Business Card Mockup 2404827


  • 3500x2600 pixel
  • Easy and fast editing via smart objects
  • Editable vector layout
  • 300Dpi High Resolution
  • Photoshop CS4 or higher compatible
  • Layered Shadows
  • PDF Help file
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CM - Baby Bandana Bib Mockup Set 2405255


PSD | 560 MB ZIP
  • files works only in Photoshop (min. PS CC2015);
  • pack includes 2 .psd files with 2 different views, file specs: 5000x3500 px 300dpi;
  • changeable colors and design of fabric (via smart objects) and color of button;
  • backgrounds: custom color (check preview);
  • Amazon ready: white background is always included;
  • well organized layers as in all of other Creatsy mockups.
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CM - Women's Crop Top Mockup 2405387


Simple mocks exist to improve your productivity. These are straight forward high-res mockups with only the essential layers and no frills.
Forget displacement maps and hundreds of layers you never use but always sift through, you don’t need 'em. You don’t need that kind of extra in your life. Get on with designing and make the mock portion of your project simple.
Is there a certain garment you want to see mocked up - post below.
  • High-Res 300dpi
  • Large Files (approx. 4500px x 3400px)
  • Front & back included
  • Easy to change garment color
  • Designed in/for Photoshop CC, but works with older versions. If you need help, send me a message
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CM - Champaign Mockups 2405268


PSD | 187 MB ZIP
Liquor Store Mock-up Series- Champagne Mockups
  • 4x Pre Made Scenes
  • Champagne Glasses
  • Unlimited Possibilities
Champagne bottle mockups with adjustable bottle color, label color. etc. high resolution bottles. can be freely arranged. backgrounds, bottles, shadows are in separate layers. you can create advertisements, use for banners etc...
Arrange bottles and glasses in different ways to create new scenes. unlimited possibilities.
All bottles are rendered in separate layers and can be moved, re-arranged, rotated. even change the water drop count. (two bottles rendered inside smart objects with drops and without water drops)
Post Processing filters included for making it more realistic. (inside layer pallet folder named 'post')
  • Clean & Professional Mockups
  • Hi Quality and Hi Details
  • 4k Resolution
  • Photoshop PSD
  • Changable Backgrounds
  • Changable Bottle Colors
Included Files
  • 4x PSD with Pre Made Scenes
  • 2x Champagne Glasses
  • Help documentation
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CM - 30.8.8 Simple 3D Box Mockup 1608245


Scale Box Mockup 30.8.8
High quality Box package box psd mockup for print design, portfolio, showcase, and more.
  • High Resolution
  • Changeable Box Design via Smart Objects
  • Easy to use: Organized and named layers
  • Photoshop Files / PSD Mockup
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CM - Ceramic Wine Bottle Mockup 2378594


Display your design in a more efficient way on this mockup of ceramic wine bottle with paper tube. Ready to use. Easy to color different parts separately. Includes special layers and smart objects for your amazing artworks.
This mockup is available for purchase on Green Art only.
Sample design is not included in the download file.
  • colors of individual elements of the project can be changed
  • organised and coloured layers -separate highlight layer
  • high resolution PSD file [4000px x 4000px]
  • appropriately prepared Smart Object layer with the project
  • PSD file is prepared so as to allow to replace the project easily and fast
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UI Gold Psd Apple Devices Pack

UI Gold Psd Apple Devices Pack

PSD | 9200x7000 PIX | 193 MB

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Essential Stationery Mockup Vol 5

Essential Stationery Mockup Vol 5

PSD | 6600x5800 PIX | 70 MB

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