BRKSEC-2139 - Advanced Malware Protection
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There is no question that the threat landscape has changed. Security professionals have moved from defending against LOVELETTER and SQL Slammer to Zeus and CryptoLocker. The stimulating force behind these threats have gone from mostly security researchers with intellectual curiosity to patient, funded, and highly motivated individuals with well-defined targets. Viruses, Worms, Spyware, Adware, and the like are all connected pieces of Crimeware infrastructure designed to ensure that breaches are difficult to catch, allow for continuous access, while remaining hidden in plain sight. Cisco Advanced Malware Protection [AMP] is designed to provide both defense and insight Before, During, and After these breach attempts. If you have struggled with point of exposure, or the extent of breach, this session will show how Cisco AMP helps to detect infections, understand scope, and initiate remediation for protected systems no matter where they are at any moment.
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